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Maintaining regulatory compliance is a formidable challenge, as nearly every aspect of the mortgage origination process is subject to regulation. The RegsData Compliance Suite is a comprehensive and flexible loan-level solution independently certified by outside legal counsel that can deliver bundled compliance reports or individual tests as APIs at any point in the loan lifecycle.

Key Benefits
  • Instant compliance results save valuable processing time
  • Simplifies your process and reduces costs by performing a detailed analysis on every loan
  • Smooth workflows with flexible, loan-level user controls
  • Critical regulatory tests available via the Report or APIs including TRID, QM and many more
  • Easy-to-understand analysis with clear and concise descriptions of the applicable laws
  • Certified by independent outside counsel to validate individual compliance tests on a local, state and federal level

The RegsData Suite
RegsData Report

Runs numerous federal and local jurisdictional compliance checks on loans in real-time and alerts you to any potential violations so corrections can be made before your loans are funded – ensuring compliance with a variety of federal, state and local mortgage lending laws, rules and regulations at loan level.

Vendor Management

Cloud-based, automated solution that reduces the time, cost and risks associated with comprehensive counterparty oversight and management with the ability to run reviews on individuals and companies to ensure compliance by vetting third parties that lenders conduct business with. The 24/7 monitoring of watchlists and licenses provides real-time alerts - reducing your counterparty risk.

RegsData APIs

Component parts of the overall RegsData Report can be pulled using APIs to meet custom integration needs. The various compliance tests along with many other related APIs are available through the Digital Gateway helping lenders mitigate potential risk and enhance compliance in a complicated regulatory landscape much earlier in the application process.

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Why First American Mortgage Solutions

First American Mortgage Solutions is your trusted partner for speed, compliance, efficiency and accuracy at every point along the mortgage continuum—from customer acquisition to origination to servicing and beyond. Here’s what makes us different:

  • We do it all: real estate data and analytics, mortgage fraud and verification, regulatory compliance, property valuation and collateral risk, quality control, lender fulfillment services, title and settlement, default services.
  • We employ a disciplined, Lean Six Sigma methodology toward improving customer experience and defect-free mortgage loan production.

Our values-driven approach is demonstrated by our continued commitment to the Pursuit of Certainty in Lending.

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