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Discover how we can help you accelerate your digital mortgage strategy. Our Digital Mortgage Experience shows what is possible today  to significantly improve speed and efficiency for both borrowers and lenders. 

  • API-enabled loan production
  • Loan data validation
  • Faster, more comprehensive valuations
  • Secured eClosing solution
API-Enabled Loan Production

Through our Digital Gateway, get flexible solutions to innovate a faster and more efficient consumer-enabled platform—from online application to eClosing.

loan preop
  • Single entry point to access all First American products
  • Collapses integration timelines from weeks to hours
  • Complete access to use the data when you want, where you want
Loan Data Validation

Turns the application and underwriting process into an exercise of validation versus creation.

loan preop
  • Real-time, validated information
  • Quickens the loan review and decisioning process with targeted and actionable alerts
  • Saves time and hassle for both the borrower and lender
Faster, More Comprehensive Valuations

Digital Gateway helps drive efficiency throughout the valuation process for an enhanced consumer experience.

Smarter Valuations
  • Data is transmitted almost immediately after the inspection is completed
  • Mobile technology allows for customized property information according to lender need
  • Increased speed without degradation of quality gets you to the closing table faster
Secured eClosing Solution

First American is focused on delivering lenders digital settlement for digital mortgage at scale, managing this complicated eClosing process and helping shield lenders from security and insurability risks.

Digital Closings
  • Hybrid and remote online notarization eClosings available
  • Secure portal creates a digital settlement experience with title insurance protection
  • Helps minimize the organizational and capital investments for lenders

Mortgage origination has many moving parts, and it takes deep industry experience and expertise to enable end-to-end digital transformation. As an industry leader with nearly a 130 years of underwriting experience and innovation, First American is ready to empower lenders with trusted and proven solutions.


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Why First American Mortgage Solutions

First American Mortgage Solutions is your trusted partner for speed, compliance, efficiency and accuracy at every point along the mortgage continuum—from customer acquisition to origination to servicing and beyond. Here's what makes us different:

  • We do it all: real estate data and analytics, mortgage fraud and verification, regulatory compliance, property valuation and collateral risk, quality control, lender fulfillment services, title and settlement, default services.
  • We employ a disciplined, Lean Six Sigma methodology toward improving customer experience and defect-free mortgage loan production.

Our values-driven approach is demonstrated by our continued commitment to the Pursuit of Certainty in Lending.

Committed to Quality

ISO 9001First American Mortgage Solutions has earned the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for the group's origination and servicing operations business units.

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