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Corralling Post-Closing Collateral Chaos with CleanFile Solutions
At First American, we know perfect collateral file management isn’t a luxury—it’s a critical part of the post-closing equation. CleanFile Solutions™ is our comprehensive suite of post-closing and loan servicing collateral file management tools.

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Our Solutions

Whether you're looking for end-to-end outsourcing, or need to fill gaps with specific needs, our suite of post-closing and servicing solutions can support your objectives.

Here's how:

Post-Closing Document Management

Component outsource options for quality control, collateral package management and document retrieval.

    • Settlement package processing including imaging, document tracking & retrieval, quality control, retention & delivery
    • Trailing document management
    • Recording services
Quality Control Services

Designed to satisfy agency requirements and ensure file quality during the onboarding process.

    • Loan-level reviews on collateral file package
    • Process management, including re-verifications, credit reports & field reviews
    • Reports & processes incorporate agency-specific requirements
    • Maintain quality & integrity in your processes & loan products
File Perfection

Comprehensive service options to help perfect your collateral files to support servicing needs such as completing the Post Closing process, preparing for MSR trades and managing defaulted loans.

    • Document retrieval & assignment chain verification
    • Title policy retrieval & replacement
    • Assignment generation & recording
    • Assignment resolution
    • Property reports
Lien Release

Leverage superior technology, seasoned professionals and the proven resources of First American.

    • Maximize efficiencies through single-source provider
    • Lien release generation, execution, recordation & tracking services
    • Configurable workflow options available with client-driven customer service

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Why First American Mortgage Solutions

First American Mortgage Solutions is your trusted partner for speed, compliance, efficiency and accuracy at every point along the mortgage continuum—from customer acquisition to origination to servicing and beyond. Here’s what makes us different:

  • We do it all: real estate data and analytics, mortgage fraud and verification, regulatory compliance, property valuation and collateral risk, quality control, lender fulfillment services, title and settlement, default services.
  • We employ a disciplined, Lean Six Sigma methodology toward improving customer experience and defect-free mortgage loan production.

Our values-driven approach is demonstrated by our continued commitment to the Pursuit of Certainty in Lending.

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